Overlap garage doors

Overlap in an innovative concept that does not require the ceiling tracks and reduces the space occupied inside the garage.

The operator is housed in the upper beam of the door frame.

Garage doors

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Overbas Doors

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Overbas Doors

The Overlap up and over garage door.

Feasible in all the Overlap aesthetic of Plana e Classic Range


Ceiling rails

When the traditional sectional garage door opens it moves parallel to the ceiling along the tracks which are fixed on the ceiling which then remain in place even when the door is closed.



The motor is also fixed to the ceiling and takes considerable space inside the room.


Spring operoted system

The traditional garage door opens and shuts with the help of metal springs which are sized for specific open/close cycles, are under mechanical stress and undergo wear and tear with the time.



The presence of many individual sectional panels require various hinges and hardware on the internal side of the garage and do not enhance the appearance on the external side too.

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